45 Long Pixie Hairstyles for Women

Long pixie hairstyles are the perfect blend of short hair convenience and long hair versatility. Whether you’re looking for something sleek and sophisticated or edgy and playful, there’s a long pixie style to suit every personality. Here are 43 stunning long pixie hairstyles to inspire your next look.

Table of Contents

1. Asymmetrical Long Pixie with Undercut

This daring style combines the boldness of an undercut with the elegance of an asymmetrical pixie, creating a striking contrast that’s perfect for fashion-forward women.

2. Wavy Long Pixie

Soft waves add texture and movement to the classic long pixie, offering a playful and romantic vibe that’s both effortless and chic.

3. Textured Long Pixie with Highlights

Subtle highlights enhance the dimension and depth of this textured pixie, giving it a sun-kissed, multi-dimensional look that’s full of life.

4. Sleek Long Pixie with Blunt Bangs

A sleek finish and blunt bangs create a polished, sophisticated style that exudes confidence and modern elegance.

5. Curly Long Pixie with Tapered Sides

Tapered sides complement the natural curls of this pixie cut, delivering a balanced and flattering silhouette that’s easy to maintain.

6. Layered Long Pixie with Feathered Ends

Feathered ends add a soft, airy touch to this layered pixie, making it look effortlessly chic and voluminous.

7. Shaggy Long Pixie with Choppy Layers

Choppy layers give this shaggy pixie an edgy, rock-and-roll vibe that’s full of personality and movement.

8. Long Pixie with Middle Part

A middle part lends a symmetrical and balanced appearance to the long pixie, perfect for showcasing facial features.

9. Retro-Inspired Long Pixie

This pixie brings a nostalgic touch with vintage-inspired elements, combining timeless elegance with modern flair.

10. Messy Long Pixie with Tousled Curls

Tousled curls give this messy pixie an undone, carefree look that’s both stylish and easy to wear.

11. Long Pixie with Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs frame the face beautifully, adding a soft and feminine touch to the long pixie cut.

12. Boho Long Pixie with Braided Crown

A braided crown introduces a bohemian twist to the long pixie, making it perfect for festival-goers and free spirits.

13. Long Pixie with Side-Swept Fringe

A side-swept fringe adds a dramatic, eye-catching element to this pixie, enhancing its overall sophistication.

14. Edgy Long Pixie with Spiky Top

The spiky top of this pixie adds a bold, rebellious edge, perfect for those looking to make a statement.

15. Long Pixie with Soft Curls and Volume

Soft curls and added volume give this pixie a romantic and voluminous look, ideal for special occasions.

16. Long Pixie with Beachy Waves

Beachy waves lend a relaxed, surfer-girl vibe to the long pixie, making it perfect for a laid-back summer look.

17. Long Pixie with Peekaboo Color

Hidden streaks of color peek through this pixie, adding a fun and playful element that’s full of surprise.

18. Modern Long Pixie with Undercut Nape

An undercut nape adds a modern twist to the classic long pixie, creating a sleek and contemporary style.

19. Long Pixie with Tapered Neckline

A tapered neckline offers a clean and refined finish to the long pixie, perfect for a polished, professional look.

20. Long Pixie with Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs soften the look of this pixie, adding a delicate and feminine touch that’s both charming and versatile.

21. Voluminous Long Pixie with Teased Roots

Teased roots give this pixie extra volume and height, creating a bold and glamorous style.

22. Long Pixie with Finger Waves

Finger waves add a vintage-inspired elegance to the long pixie, making it perfect for a classic, refined look.

23. Elegant Long Pixie with Deep Side Part

A deep side part adds sophistication and drama to the long pixie, enhancing its overall elegance.

24. Long Pixie with Curled Ends

Curled ends give this pixie a playful and whimsical touch, adding extra bounce and movement.

25. Long Pixie with Choppy Fringe

A choppy fringe adds texture and interest to this pixie, giving it a modern and edgy vibe.

26. Glamorous Long Pixie with Big Waves

Big waves transform this pixie into a glamorous style, perfect for red carpet events and special occasions.

27. Long Pixie with Razored Edges and Long Bangs

Razored edges and long bangs add a sharp and edgy dimension to this pixie, making it perfect for trendsetters.

28. Long Pixie with Puff

A voluminous puff adds height and drama to the long pixie, creating a bold and eye-catching look.

29. Long Pixie with Faux Hawk Style

The faux hawk style gives this pixie an edgy, punk-inspired look that’s full of attitude and flair.

30. Long Pixie with Soft Layers

Soft layers add subtle texture and movement to this pixie, creating a gentle and feminine look.

31. Punk-Inspired Long Pixie

This pixie embraces a punk-inspired aesthetic with bold elements and an edgy, rebellious vibe.

32. Long Pixie with Polished Finish

A polished finish gives this pixie a sleek and sophisticated appearance, perfect for a refined, modern look.

33. Long Pixie with Fluffy Textured Crown

A fluffy, textured crown adds volume and softness to the pixie, making it look airy and full of life.

34. Long Pixie with Angled Fringe

An angled fringe adds a contemporary edge to the long pixie, enhancing its modern and chic appeal.

35. Long Pixie with Partially Shaved Side

A partially shaved side adds a bold and daring element to the long pixie, perfect for those looking to stand out.

36. Long Pixie with Retro Bangs

Retro bangs bring a vintage charm to the long pixie, combining old-school elegance with modern style.

37. Long Pixie with Sculpted Curls

Sculpted curls add a touch of artistry and elegance to the long pixie, making it perfect for special events.

38. Long Pixie with Feathered Side-Swept Bangs

Feathered side-swept bangs add a soft and feminine touch to the long pixie, enhancing its overall charm.

39. Long Pixie with Sweeping Layers

Sweeping layers add movement and flow to the long pixie, creating a dynamic and versatile look.

40. Long Pixie with Soft Side Bangs

Soft side bangs add a gentle and elegant touch to the long pixie, making it look effortlessly chic.

41. Long Pixie with Tousled Waves

Tousled waves give this pixie a relaxed and casual vibe, perfect for everyday wear.

42. Long Pixie with Side Long Fringe

A long fringe on the side adds a dramatic and stylish element to the long pixie, enhancing its overall appeal.

43. Long Pixie with Disconnected Layers

Disconnected layers add a bold and modern twist to the long pixie, creating a unique and edgy look.

44. Long Pixie with Perm

A perm adds gorgeous, bouncy curls to the long pixie, giving it incredible volume and texture. This style is perfect for those who want a playful and dynamic look that’s full of life and movement.

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