45 Easy Graduation Hairstyles to Try With Cap

Graduation is a milestone worth celebrating with a fabulous hairstyle that complements your cap and gown. Whether you prefer sleek, classic looks or trendy, playful styles, there’s a perfect option to make you feel confident and look stunning on your big day. Dive into these 45 easy and stylish graduation hairstyles to find your ideal look.

1. Sleek Mid Part Ponytail

A sleek mid part ponytail offers a chic, polished look perfect for graduation. It keeps hair out of your face and under your cap, ensuring a clean and sophisticated style.

2. Shiny Straight Hair

Shiny straight hair is a timeless and elegant choice. It showcases your hair’s natural beauty while maintaining a neat appearance that works well with any graduation cap.

3. Long Layers with Subtle Waves

Long layers with subtle waves add movement and dimension to your hair. This style is effortlessly stylish and looks great peeking out from under your cap.

4. Low Twisted Braid with Ribbon

A low twisted braid with ribbon adds a touch of whimsy and elegance. The ribbon accentuates the braid, making it a standout look for your special day.

5. Textured Lob

The textured lob is modern and versatile. Its tousled waves create a relaxed yet sophisticated vibe, perfect for celebrating your achievements.

6. Low Messy Ponytail

A low messy ponytail combines casual ease with a hint of elegance. It’s a simple yet stylish way to keep your hair in check under your graduation cap.

7. Vintage Finger Waves

Vintage finger waves exude glamour and sophistication. This classic style pairs beautifully with a graduation gown for a timeless look.

8. Tousled Beach Waves

Tousled beach waves bring a laid-back, bohemian flair to your graduation look. They add texture and volume, making your hair look effortlessly beautiful.

9. Classic French Braids

Classic French braids are both practical and pretty. They keep your hair neatly in place while adding an intricate, elegant touch.

10. Voluminous Blowout

A voluminous blowout gives your hair a boost of body and shine. It’s a luxurious style that adds a glamorous finish to your graduation outfit.

11. Retro Twist with Finger Waves

The retro twist with finger waves merges vintage charm with modern elegance. This intricate style is perfect for making a statement on your big day.

12. Graduated Bob with Bangs

A graduated bob with bangs offers a fresh, contemporary look. It’s a bold choice that frames your face beautifully and stands out under a cap.

13. Long Tight Curls

Long tight curls bring a playful and vibrant energy to your graduation style. They add bounce and volume, making your hair look lively and fun.

14. Elegant Chignon

An elegant chignon is a sophisticated and timeless updo. It keeps your hair sleek and polished, perfect for formal graduation ceremonies.

15. Braided Headband with Loose Hair

A braided headband with loose hair adds a touch of ethereal beauty. It’s a romantic style that combines the structure of a braid with the freedom of loose waves.

16. Soft Hollywood Waves

Soft Hollywood waves are all about classic glamour. This timeless look gives your hair a luxurious, red-carpet-ready appearance.

17. Vintage Side Pinned Curls

Vintage side pinned curls offer a nod to old Hollywood elegance. This style is perfect for adding a touch of retro charm to your graduation look.

18. Feathered Layers

Feathered layers create a soft, airy feel. They add movement and texture, making your hair look effortlessly chic and light.

19. Crimped Waves

Crimped waves bring a playful, textured look to your hair. This style is perfect for adding some fun and personality to your graduation outfit.

20. Polished Pixie Cut

A polished pixie cut is bold and stylish. It’s a sleek, low-maintenance option that highlights your features and keeps your hair neat under your cap.

21. Shaggy Hair with Bangs

Shaggy hair with bangs offers a relaxed, trendy look. It’s perfect for graduates who want a laid-back, effortless style.

22. Wavy Lob with Middle Part

A wavy lob with a middle part is modern and versatile. The waves add volume and texture, making this style both sophisticated and easygoing.

23. Retro Side Flip

The retro side flip adds a touch of vintage flair to your look. It’s a playful and stylish way to wear your hair for graduation.

24. Elegant Braided Bun

An elegant braided bun combines sophistication with intricate detail. This updo is perfect for keeping your hair neat and stylish under your cap.

25. Side-Swept Curls

Side-swept curls offer a glamorous and romantic look. This style frames your face beautifully and adds a touch of elegance to your graduation ensemble.

26. Bold Tip Dye

Bold tip dye adds a fun and edgy twist to your look. It’s a great way to express your personality and add a pop of color to your graduation style.

27. Classic Dutch Braid

A classic Dutch braid is both elegant and practical. It keeps your hair secure while adding an intricate, beautiful detail to your look.

28. Messy Lob with Texture

A messy lob with texture is stylish and modern. This tousled look adds volume and dimension, perfect for a trendy graduation hairstyle.

29. Straight Lob with Blunt Ends

A straight lob with blunt ends is sleek and contemporary. It’s a chic, polished look that frames your face and works well with a cap.

30. Messy Fish Tail Braid

A messy fishtail braid combines intricate detail with a relaxed vibe. It’s a stylish and unique way to wear your hair for graduation.

31. Twists with Loose Hair

Twists with loose hair offer a beautiful blend of structure and freedom. The twists add detail, while the loose hair keeps it relaxed and elegant.

32. Retro Victory Rolls

Retro victory rolls bring a bold, vintage flair to your look. This eye-catching style is perfect for making a statement on your graduation day.

33. Wavy Half-Up

A wavy half-up style is both playful and elegant. It keeps hair out of your face while showcasing soft, beautiful waves.

34. Natural Spiral Curl Hair with Ribbon

Natural spiral curl hair with a ribbon adds a touch of whimsy and charm. The ribbon accentuates your curls, making them look even more beautiful.

35. Short and Curly

Short and curly hair is fun and lively. It’s a great way to show off your natural texture and keep your style easy and manageable.

36. Soft Blunt Bob

A soft blunt bob is sleek and stylish. It’s a modern, polished look that frames your face perfectly and complements a graduation cap seamlessly.

37. Retro Glam Waves

Retro glam waves exude classic Hollywood elegance. This timeless style adds a touch of sophistication and glamour to your graduation look, making you feel like a star.

38. Side Swept Ponytail

A side-swept ponytail is both chic and practical. It keeps your hair secure while adding a stylish, elegant touch to your graduation outfit, ensuring you look picture-perfect.

39. Bouncy Curls

Bouncy curls bring energy and vibrancy to your look. They add volume and movement, making your hair look lively and fun, perfect for celebrating your achievements.

40. Long and Sleek with Side Part

Long and sleek hair with a side part is elegant and polished. This timeless look showcases your hair’s natural shine and beauty, making it an ideal choice for graduation.

41. Tousled Pixie

A tousled pixie cut is playful and trendy. It’s an easy, low-maintenance style that adds texture and volume to your hair, giving you a chic, carefree look for the big day.

42. Face-Framing Layers

Face-framing layers highlight your features and add dimension to your hair. This versatile style is flattering and works well under a cap, enhancing your natural beauty.

43. Shoulder-Length with Loose Waves

Shoulder-length hair with loose waves is effortlessly stylish. The waves add texture and volume, making this a perfect graduation look that’s both relaxed and elegant.

44. Short Wavy Bob

A short wavy bob is chic and modern. The waves add movement and texture, giving your hair a playful and stylish finish, perfect for standing out in the graduation crowd.

45. Side-Swept Waves

Side-swept waves are romantic and elegant. This style frames your face beautifully and adds a touch of sophistication to your graduation ensemble, ensuring you look your best on your special day.

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